Granite Buying Guide

Granite countertops may dramatically increase your home’s selling value. Whether you put it in your bathroom and kitchen, you’ll receive a decent return on your investment. Still, there are a few things you should be aware of before investing in granite for your house.

Don’t spend too much time exploring catalogs

Many folks become even more bewildered when they browse different stores and samples in this condition. The majority of them wind up purchasing the first granite block they checked at. And yes, the first granite block you loved is the one that should be in your home interior.

Perhaps the designer you’re working with also advised that slab. You will undoubtedly treasure it for many years to come. One of the first things to keep in mind when selecting granite kitchen countertops is to trust your instincts.

Function over form

You should be aware that the usability of a kitchen is far more significant than the appearance of granite countertops. Contrary to popular belief, the sparkling mica and gold crystals on display are fragile. They are often referred to as Schist pebbles and are prone to flaking and breaking.

According to experts, granite slabs containing Schist stones are not even suitable to be considered real granite. They may be suitable for installation in garages or offices, but not in kitchens. The granite worktops in your kitchen must be strong enough to endure all of the stresses that they will certainly undergo in your home.

Granite needs regular maintenance

One of the most crucial things to understand before acquiring granite is the importance of cleaning and maintaining it frequently. Every surface is distinctive and has its own set of standards that you must meet. Be sure that you have the necessary tools and information from the start.

Thankfully, granite as well as other granite substitutes are extremely strong and long-lasting. They don’t require you to devote a huge amount of time to care for them. Even if there are spills, you may use certain solutions to clean your countertops and keep them looking good.

Furthermore, there are numerous granite treatment products on the market. These preserve granite and other solid stone materials. You need to seal your countertops as needed to keep them looking fresh for a long time.

Pick up granite that suits your kitchen interior

This is yet another crucial detail to be aware of before selecting the ideal kitchen countertop. If you ignore this, you may end up disappointed. Consider that you will also need to trim and manufacture the stones into countertops to match your cabinetry.

Before you decide on your granite slab, consult with your granite designer. Obtain a thorough blueprint of your kitchen countertops and determine whether or not your decision fits within that design. This is essential because what you eventually get may change substantially from what you see at the shop.

Granite slabs with swirling patterns are generally better suited for huge kitchen islands rather than counters. Make sure you choose an alternative that is a good fit for your needs.

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