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What Should I Look for When Purchasing Marble or Granite?

Marble and granite, as natural materials, have been endowed with exceptional properties that have attracted civilizations over the ages. Just like any other natural commodities, they have an intrinsic element of unpredictability, which designers and manufacturers admire.

Customers who are unfamiliar with the product want the stone they purchase to look exactly like the photo or sample they were given. While sample stones are meant to be indicative of the quarry’s output, the material excavated at the same time might change somewhat in tone and veining from the sample.

Furthermore, even a solid marble or granite block will have some color alteration from one edge to the other. Interior designers and developers have learned to see natural stone’s inclination as a benefit. Slight imperfections can be appealing, bringing a touch of nature into human-designed environments, whether private or public.

Which one should I choose for my kitchen counter? Which is better, marble or granite?

Although marble is commonly used for bathroom vanity surfaces, Jacuzzi tops, and fire pits, it may also be used in the kitchen. However, because it is easily scratched and is influenced by acidic liquids such as vinegar, chili sauces, and so on, we do not normally suggest it.

Furthermore, the shine of the marble countertop might be diminished as a result of numerous substances that damage its surface. Granite, on the other hand, is regarded as the second hardest gemstone; its shine is not etched by household chemicals or scratched by knives and cooking utensils in average usage. It is likewise immune to common kitchen heat sources such as hot pots.

Is it necessary for me to purchase the entire slab?

On a standard design, you usually just pay for the square footage that is consumed. If the gemstone you choose is a special order slab, you must pay for the full slab. Slabs are always sold whole; similar to a dressmaker or tailor, your maker purchases the raw material and then provides you a finished assembly.

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